VR Dating World – Welcome to the future!

Welcome to the Virtual Reality Dating World of SDC Ventures. With the successful launch of MySugarddaddy VR, we are opening the door to a new dimension of online dating. Thanks to our specially developed VR technology and our know-how, you as well can step into the future of communication.

Undoubtedly, Virtual Reality will determine and shape our everyday life in the future. This development is unstoppable and will not take a step back when it comes to our dating and flirt behavior. The Virtual Reality will make it easier for us to meet other people, communicate with them and, at best, fall in love with them. If it still seems unimaginable today, we will, in the near future, naturally meet people in virtual rooms, talk to them and lead a lively interaction and all this beyond national boundaries or continents.

We, the SDC Ventures, are undoubtedly a pioneer in this field with the VR Dating World and have developed a VR technology that shows how our communication will take place in the future. The successful launch of our pilot project, MySugardaddy VR reinforces our vision.

Our self-developed VR technology can be used with all standard models of glasses. Without any problems, our VR package (hardware and software components) can be transferred to every user and reliably used with our help.

MySugardaddy VR is the pilot project of the VR Dating World, which will in the future combine all dating formats under one roof. If you want to become a part of the VR Dating World, please write us an e-mail.


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