Do something you love!

We are a young, motivated team, which is very interested in new media, innovation and technology. Besides working with us we will not forget about the fun. And as a trainee, you are guaranteed to do more then "just" cook coffee!

Internship in online marketing

WebDesign, programming, editing at least 3 months internship in Dortmund

• You support us in search engine optimization
• You support us in some areas of programming
• You support us in the online editorial department when compiling press releases
• You support us in social media marketing and other creative marketing activities
• You support us in market studies, research, analyzes
• Conceptual development and implementation of creative campaigns
• If you like, you can also contribute your interests and skills in other areas, such as: Web Development, Conception, Usability etc.
• You are fully integrated into your tasks and fun is guaranteed

• You are a student and are interested in marketing, editing or web design / programming
• Basic knowledge in online marketing is desirable but not required
• Have fun building a start-up and take responsibility
• Reliable, committed and character-appropriate

What we have to offer you
• You will get to know the basics of SEO in 3 months
• You learn and experience how to build a start-up and can participate in various online projects
• We offer you a relaxed working atmosphere
• You get your own workspace and your own laptop
• You can play with the grandmasters of the kicker during breaks

Workstudent with frontend development experience

With option for Master Thesis / Final Thesis

• Support the team in the development of user-friendly web applications
• Collaboration in the creation of GUI prototypes, etc.
• Evaluation of frameworks and components

• Main study course in computer science, ideally in media informatics or similar training, as media designer with focus on frontend development
• Good to very good knowledge of HTML / CSS / JavaScript
• Knowledge of bootstrap is desirable
• Good Photoshop knowledge (implementation of layouts in HTML / CSS / JS)
• Knowledge of jQuery is desirable
• Interest in new trends in technology and design
• Good German and English skills

What we have to offer you
• Diversified work in a dynamic environment
• Valuable experience in web development
• Flexible working hours, so that your education does not fall short
• Remuneration by agreement
• An environment for creativity and ideas
• You can play with the grandmasters of the kicker during the breaks